Sunday, April 1, 2007

Xclusive! TA RA RUM PUM title song; Music release on 3rd April

Helllooooooo Friends,
I'm back once again. For the past few days, we've been discussing about Yash Raj Films' next venture, Rani Mukherjee-Saif Ali Khan starrer TA RA RUM PUM. A few days ago we unleashed the music listing of TRRP and also discussed its box-office prospects. We had also shown the teaser. Now we get another sneek peek of this Yashraj film.

For the first time you'll be seeing the title song TARA RUM PUM being crooned by the protagonists. At first we see Saif-Rani celebrating with their kids. It's probably on the boy's birthday. Since there is a line - "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAMP". If you've seen the previous trailer, you may know that the name of the boy is CHAMP. Anyways, Saif was introducing 4 animated bears (TA, RA, MA & PA - their names). Then all of them enter the animated world. And the animation! VFX producers, take a bow! It's very very good. For the first time ever in India we see actors with animated beings. The animated bears bear (pun unintended) a resemblance with THE LION KING and Sony's OPEN SEASON.

The melodious score, witty lyrics and havoc picturization makes this one truly special. (Remember, Saif-Rani's HUM TUM too boasted of good animation!) Below is the video.

By the way, the music releases this Tuesday, on 3rd. Looks like a perfect family flick this season.

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DJ said...

liked this song very much, even though i've apparently grown up into an adult :)

DJ said...

btw, where is your feed link. i always subscribe to feeds of blogs that i want to read regularly, but cant find on yours.