Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Real "SUPERRRRR-STAR" !!! Part 1

Hmmmmmm..... I know most people in this county are actually fans of the self-proclaimed "BIGGEST SUPERSTAR" and yes! above all "THE BEST ACTOR EVER". Who is it? C'mon! Still don't get it? It's the gawd (oops! GOD!!! darn me!) the AMITABH BACHCHAN!!!! And who can forget his तू जहाँ जहाँ चलेगा, मेरा साया साथ होगा (tu-jahaan-jahan-chalega,-mera-sayaa-saath-hoga) -esque pativrataa wife- JAYA! And with great ecstasy (or with agony?), I have to state that she is from my city - The City of Joy - Kolkata.

"UP Mein hein dum, kyunki jurm hai yahaan kum" (UP is strong because it has less crime). This is the tagline Amitabh emphasised during the state government election campaign of Uttar Pradesh for his "DEAREST" friends Amar Singh and Mulyam Singh Yadav. An informed Indian surely know the deeds of these two. So we're not gonna elaborate. I'd like to mention a very popular proverb "A man is known by the friends he keeps". Wink! Wink!

Now just two months prior to the ad campaign began, there happened the Nithari killings. Please search in the search box who doesn't know the happenings! Coz, it will take me launch another blog to publish the news. Very well for all who already know the hugest example of brutality (I don't know any other word, an illiterate I am!).

So, He (Folks! it's not a grammatical mistake! remember when we address the God!) doesn't consider the slaughter, the rapes of newborn infants, girls even boys below 5 years doesn't come to me. This ain't a crime. Right! B? People literally "worship" you. Yeah! For those living in India, you could see people erecting his pictures in temples and kneeling before it! Thank you very much! For you are spreading conscience with the help of super-heroism to the very roots of this country. Bravo! Man!

One year back, I considered rapes, killings et al serious "crimes". Now, it appears nothing to me! Along with the billion. Courtesy? Your Majesty! And is there a reason why would you not glorify these incidents? After all, this goes in favour of your friends aka the "real friends" of the society! Or India! Then, (only THEN, NOW is a different pic.) the police of Mulayam & Co. government refused to register complaints against The Devil from the battered parents of the HUNDREDS (yes!) of the lost ones (a good word again! Why can't I use a bad word?). The M govt. even initially refused to start a CBI probe. Hmmmm.... "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED"!

By the way, we are digressing from the original point which I intended to finger at. He can't see any crime in UP nor can he commit any!

Jaya is a Member of the Parliament (MP) of Rajya Sabha. "She has been found guilty of not revealing details of land which she and her family owned in UP at the time of becoming a Rajya Sabha MP". Sorry! It's not a guilt. Folks!

And the deeds of the God Himself:

  • Amitabh Bachchan had bought more than two acres of land in Daulatpur village of Barabanki, UP.
  • He had bought this land on May 11, 1983 claiming that he was a farmer.
  • He is charged with submitting forged documents to prove his credentials as a farmer.

Phew! Hue! Cue! No word's coming to me once again! Farmer! Well, not surprised! pssssss..... He had done it before in Maharashtra. Even he didn't enter his full name when he was being enlisted.

In a country, where lots (read MILLIONS) of people are starving to death, and the same number of farmers (real, it is) he (and we too!) finds it smart to play, actually grow crops. And you don't know! There are lots of others! Good farmer! The BESTESTESTEST actor, The Legend, The "Inimitable" Human being,....blah!...blah!...blah!!......The world-class FARMER - by how many ways is he going to show his VERSATILITY?

Villagers of Barabanki are incredulous to say the least. "Can you ever believe that Amitabh is a farmer," they say disbelievingly. Sources close to Jaya Bachchan, however, say that the property in question is a disputed property. The Bachchans had bought this property, but they didn't have possession of it. They got the possession four days after Jaya Bachchan became a Rajya Sabha MP.

  • I REALLY, REALLY WANNA BECOME AN MP! JAYA DIDA! HELP ME! I am from your city! It gives me more pride to mention your name when I mention my origin than when I think of SMALLER people like RABINDRANATH TAGORE, NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE, SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, SATYAJIT RAY. The number of "smaller" people is even greater when I speak of my land, WEST BENGAL. It'd then become an EXHAUSTIVE list. So, I won't go anymore.
  • And to my Dearest DADU: We have acres of family agricultural lands in WB. Nowadays, many of my farmers are queasy due to summer heat. Seeing yours incessant stamina, I have a proposal or call for a farmer. Would you oblige Amitabh? OOPS! Dadu it is!

More coming soon!

Courtesy: CNN-IBN

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Poll: Does PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3 excite you? Xclusive Videos Here !

The movie from which I expected the most, has proved to be a downer. However, coming out of the melancholy, I observed there are more and more movies this season. But, interestingly, there are all the "threequels" (I don't know who coined this awesome term!) releasing in this May. On 4th there was the above one. 18th was the day for The Green Ogre (SHREK THE THIRD) . I heard that this movie has also declared a dud.

On 24th (In my homeland it's June 1) comes an eagerly awaited (if not most awaited movie) flick of this season, to fulfil my li'l expectations (Hopefully! Only despair has covered me these days). It's (there's no need to name, but have to mention for the sake of it.) PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END. The third part of the trilogy. But the name is maybe a pun indicating that it's the final part. Hopefully it is! I don't them to drag on and on. If only it satisfies me.

PIRATES series is actually one of my favourites. For it entertains me big time without being very pretentious. It's foolish but it's fun! I don't expect a CITIZEN KANE or THE SOUND OF MUSIC from every film. There are some films which keep you entertained without getting "TOO MUCH" foolish or having taken audiences for granted. PIRATES are one such example.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL was a great watch. Especially for the awesome visual effects by ILM and rocking acting by one of Hollywood's best present day actors, Johnny Depp. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST had a "shaky" foundation. Nonetheless, the pace, better VFX and obviously the extremely love-able Depp were worth the money. It's a pity that he didn't get an Oscar nomination for DMC whereas he was better than COTBP. Anyways, the very last 10 seconds bowled me over just like DON did. Now I am hungry to know the reason of the resurrection. Hope they don't don't mess it up the Uncle Ben-Sandman style.

However, I don't expect A LOT. But it's my last theatrical hope this summer. So I bring you the exclusive videos of PIRATES 3 on this page. And guess what, it's just a single frame. You can choose any video you wish to see.

Now, I am going to conduct a poll. Answer the following.


Okay. Enough talking. Now watch this. Click on the VIDEO PLAYSLIST BUTTON TO GET MORE VIDEOS. NOW

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Personal Movie Review: Spider-Man 3 - An Absolutely . . .

This is my first personal review appearing on BUwH. When I t movie of this frachise it didn't make me flabbergated but nonetheless it was a good movie. When I saw the second one, I was completely bowled over by it. Be it the story or screenplay or acting or direction or VFX or was a perfect balance. Since then I was a fan of the "friendly neighbourhood". See my previous posts, how aggresively I promoted spidey 3. From June, I used up all my hard disk space collecting HD videos and trailers of SM3. After a tedious yet exciting wait of 3 years, I entered the theater with bated breath. After thye screening was over, I came to a conclusion that it's an ABSOLUTE movie. I tell you why.

*ABSOLUTELY awesome action scenes.
*ABSOLUTE no action thoughout the movie. They come as ABSOLUTE compromise, just for sake of the ABSOLUTE trailer.
*ABSOLUTE nonsense emotions.
*ABSOLUTE useless sobbing.
*ABSOLUTE example of Hollywood copying Bollywood craps.
*ABSOLUTE example of shortage of a proper story.
*ABSOLUTE worst screenplay seen in a long time.
*ABSOLUTELY bad storytelling. Sam! What's that?
*ABSOLUTELY lenghty. It crawls and crawls and leaves a perpetual pain.
*ABSOLUTELY no acting from any of the cast.
*ABSOLUTE action & bad storyline ratio of 1:100
*ABSOLUTE useless scenes.
*The screenplay's so occupied to give importance to each sub-plot, that the sory itself becomes ABSOLUTELY impotent without giving any importance.
*James Franco's teeth are ABSOLUTELY annoying.
*Franco puts an ABSOLUTELY decent performance.
*Just like too much cooks spoil the film each of the 3 villain mars everything ABSOLUTELY.
*ABSOLUTE lack of smartness, failure to infuse humour.
*ABSOLUTELY brilliant J. Jonah Jameson (this man's always....)
*If you sum up all the bad guys and merge into one 100 times over, that doesn't ABSOLUTELY touch a bit of Alfred Molina-played Doc Ock or even GG!

*Thomas Haden Church has only one ABSOLUTE squirming countenance and is ABSOLUTELY abysmal.
*Topher has an ABSOLUTELY decent, not great performance.
*An ABSOLUTE example of bad and plastic CG in form of the black sticky thing.
*ABSOLUTELY badly created role and VFX of Venom.
The number of Sandman plotholes/ goofs is just uncounatble.
*I'm a diehard science student. I don't like anyone tampering with that. Okay, Thomas enters the highly radioactive science zone without a >440 v spark. And a demoleculizer turning sandman? Can't take it anymore. It'd take another couple of posts to explain. So better leave it ABSOLUTELY undiscussed.

**************SPOILERS HERE!*******************
*The symbiant actually comes from a hot burning meteorite, but still ABSOLUTELY dies of the fire in the end.
**************SPOILERS END*******************

*When Flint Marko (Sandman) is in the demoleculizer, everything including his belt buckle turns to sand, but the locket with the picture of his daughter doesn't.
*Tobey is ABSOLUTELY better at dancing than acting.
*About Kirsten, it's ABSOLUTELY the less said the better. Quoting another reviewer, I say, you wish Goblin succeeded killing her in the first part.
*Bryce, though decent, is ABSOLUTELY wasted here.
*Bill Pope (DOP) is the ABSOLUTE star of the film.
*Sound Design may win it an Oscar ABSOLUTELY.
*The climax is the ABSOLUTELY the most contrived sequence ever made.

*Sony should ABSOLUTELY think changing every part of cast and crew.
*If you love Bollywood massacres like DHOOM:2 and KRRISH, you may like it ABSOLUTELY.
*It's the WORST movie in the franchise, albeit a bit above the likes of KRRISH, D:2, SUPERMAN RETURNS, BATMAN BEGINS.
*An ABSOLUTE example of a Hollywood crap being produced under popular demand and super success of the prequels. You may know that the release date 5/4/7 was set before the release of 2. So they made it somehow without a thought and respect for Spidey fans like me.
*update: Some dialogues are actually lifted from this film.


If you really love the makers of the film and yourself too, do yourself a favour. Buy a SPIDER-MAN 2 special edition DVD than to watch this. I'd do that. Though some jug head thinks it's better than 2. You can also buy SRK starrer DON, which has better storyline and action.

Bollywood Unlimited Rating
Letter Grade: C-
Stars: * * * * ½ ½ * * * * * (4.5/10)

Wait for a television premiere in case you haven't seen it.

did you like or dislike the film or my review? tell me and give your ratings to the film and the review.

Friday, May 18, 2007

JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Production Video: Title Song

After the last post, I made it once again! I told you there that I'd come up with another crazy video soon! And guess! It's here. Thanks my friend! This time it's no song. It's Yash Raj team's making of the title song of JBJ.

This is the song where Amitabh will make an appearance. It shows the team Yashraj effort behind it. From music composition to's all in the video with behind the scenes, footage of song recording at the YRF studios. The title track, as I always say is, awesome.

Here come the flip points.................

Preity Zinta - Quite a dumb interview. I just don't fathom why everybody is prone to address Amitabh Bachchan a god! From what point of view is he a god? Is the acting or as a human being? I don't think he's a bad actor. Actulally VERY GOOD at many of his films. But a benchmark? Shark! In the recent past show his extraordinarily brilliant performances. Family or KANK or Sarkar (Marlon Brando would have frowned) or Eklavya? But in Nishabd, I say, he was undeniably good. God is the one who always towers without a fall. Albeit I don't really believe in God in such cases. And a human being?

Sing baby sing! As long as you can cling!

I don't share rooms with him. So it would be unfair for me to comment on him. But one SUPERSTAR who introduces oneself as a farmer to acquire lands, charge 1 rupee remuneration and Rolls Royce as a "gift" to avoid tax (well his son did just the same it GURU naa!), donate 100-150 million rupees to a temple just to avoid tax, not even losing a single penny for the welfare of people blah! blah! - can be a God? Gawd!

Aki Narula - You think you're very intelligent and know about all the "costumes" all over the world besides your Bolly masala? Primarily Amitabh looks very bad in the outfit as I had stated earlier. And they're mid-age costume? Are you a historian? I fell sorry to brag, but I score 90% + marks in History. Sad! It doesn't come to me why does everyone try to copy our beloved Jack Sparrow and even worse, put it up on someone old and ........

Vaibhavi Merchant: Amitabh is brilliant? His steps are contrived and immature. He acts well but doesn't know how to dance unlike his son's rival, Hrithik.

Okay I was enough nitpicking everyone! Now see what's about it.


New JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Song Video: Ticket To Hollywood

Well as always, it's for the first time on Bollywood Unlimited again. I requested my YouTube friend to find new JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM videos, for you! And guess what, he got the song TICKET TO HOLLYWOOOD. He acknowledged my site and subtitled it at my requests. That's very nice of you. This is A Yashraj/ YRF/ Yash Raj Film which stars Preity Zinta, Lara Dutta, Bobby Deol, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan.

This song features Abhishek teasing Lara in Paris demanding "ticket to Hollywood". What's that? It's got a Punjabi feel. It's sung by Neeraj 'Bombay Viking' Shridar and Alisha Chinai. Watch it!

The look of Lara is awesome but unshaven Abhishek looks anything but a man.

Please tell me how's it!

More exciting videos coming soon!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shahrukh Khan to work with Rajkumar 'Munnabhai' Hirani! Xclusive!

There's a great news for admirers of both SRK and Rajkumar Hirani. They two are finally working together! According to the recent buzz, renowned director (one of my favorites) Rajkumar Hirani has approached Shah Rukh Khan for his next project.

Rajkumar Hirani is a director whose EACH AND EVERY film was a huge hit (especially the last one) and have been loved enormously by the audiences & critics. It was hard to believe that an editor-turned-director makes MUNNA BHAI M.B.B.S. as his first film. Even he wore the film. It was a path breaking film in its own terms, for it connected with the each section of audience so powerfully. It made us give everyone a lovely, precious, JAADU KI JHAPPI.

His second venture, LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI, broke the ground once again, with a bigger momentum. This film taught us about non-violence, universal love in this era of brutality and insanity. This is an unquestionable modern classic, at least for me. He handled the role of editor/ writer/ director with equal master.

We talked about SRK 2 post ago. So we decide not to stretch. RH's third Munnabhai film, MUNNA BHAI CHALE AMERIKA, has been announced. But his third venture will be a different one, representing our present education system. For the very same film, he's gone to SRK to enact the pivotal role. Awesome news HAAH!

SCOOP: Do you know that SRK was first approached for the role of MUNNABHAI? But he couldn't do it for time problems and the role went to Sanju. Here's in SRK's own words.

Raju Hirani’s simplicity of storytelling is the most wonderful thing about the
film. In fact I loved the title of the film when I heard it. Vidhu Vinod Chopra
had come to me and he was extremely passionate to make the film but I had to
undergo a surgery at that time. I had to give up the film because I could not
have asked them to wait for me till I recover. They were not my friends at that
point of time. Now of course they are best buddies but I could not really ask
them to wait for me till I recover.

So another masterpiece?


Remember you read it on BUwH for the first time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Music Clips - 1st and Xclusive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Yash Raj Films' JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM music is finally out today. And guess what, like the theatrical trailer and music listings, you are getting it @ Bollywood Unlimited with Hollywood for the first time!

This is YRF's second venture this year after TA RA RUM PUM. It has Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta, Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan. Music : Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy. Lyrics: Gulzar. Now I bring the songs directly here for you to hear and decide if you go with a CD/ DVD-A. They are in Window Media format. Use the above search box to find it if you don't have the codec. The controls are there too!

1. Jhoom
Singer : Shankar Mahadevan

2. Ticket To Hollywood
Singers : Neeraj Shridhar & Alisha Chinai

3. JBJ
Singers : Zubeen, Shankar Mahadevan & Sunidhi Chauhan

4. Bol Na Halke Halke
Singers : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Mahalaxmi Iyer

5. Kiss Of Love
Singers : Vishal Dadlani & Vasundhara Das

6. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Singers : KK, Sukhvinder Singh, Mahalaxmi Iyer & Shankar Mahadevan

7. Jhoom Jam
Singer : Instrumental (it's provided by the company! good! a singer named Instrumental croons it)

Please Rate it here by posting comments and tell how you like it.

Note: The Audio files included here are for demonstration purposes only and are mere clippings of the entire songs. They are not meant to infringe any copyright or patent whatsoever. You are strongly encouraged to buy the music unit if you want to listen to the songs.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Poll: What are your expectations from CHAK DE INDIA?

  • Shimit Amin is one of the finest filmmaking talents ever to emerge in Bollywood. He struck everyone with awe with his first directorial venture, AB TAK CHHAPPAN. His razor-sharp execution compelled us to enter the world of encounter cops. He made us uncomfortable by creating realistic situations. Then, certainly, expectations from his next are very high.Chak De India - SRK
  • Shah Rukh Khan, I believe, is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema. No I don't belong to his "fan club" nor do I believe in the "fan club" system. I simply praise his acting skills. People, I mean, his hater critics decry him by saying that he doesn't work without a Johar/ Chopra backing. They still say it even after MAYA MEMSAAB, KABHI HAAN KABHI NAA, CHAMATKAR, DDLJ, SWADES, PAHELI - which easily rank amongst the best performances ever in any Hindi cinema. Why did everyone hated his "character" in KANK? Only because he made it look real. It's a pity that he is "still" underestimated as an actor. "Oh-SRK-is-so-commercial!" is the reaction he gets. He is a natural performer. He is still underutilised. Don't you agree?
  • Yash Raj, though is a full-blood mainstream Bollywood studio, had decided to swim against the tide in the film, KABUL EXPRESS after producing a total crap like DHOOM:2. Normally the expectation are there that YRF would make another path-breaking film.

So what happens when we put all them together? In mathematical language,
(LHS.) Shimit Amin + Shahrukh + Yashraj = Chak De India (R.H.S.)

The movie revolves around the story a hockey coach for a girl's team and a young Sikh girl who wants to join the hockey team but does not get the approval of her parents. You may already know that SRK is the coach here. The storyline sounds very similar with BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM (which is again a good film). But I hope (and trust them) that a director like Shimit won't come up with a remake of a hit "Indian" film. So it "has to be" different!

Chak De India - GirlsNow come to SRK's looks. He has been given a beard and is made look old. But, he looks very attractive. If poster is anything to go by, I think he will put forth a strong performance. Look at his eyes! They convey so much! I think I won't be disappointed.

There were alleged cold vibes and wars between YRF and SRK even a year ago. But the truth has spoken himself. The shooting began from August, 2006, after they both "parted their ways". Now the same media reports that Aditya Chopra's next will star SRK.

But will the film be a "COMMERCIAL HIT*? Probably NO. This kind of films don't work in Bollywood. Just look at Kabul Express! Just as because there were no "dancing-round-the-trees" and bad script it flopped. But just look at craps like DHOOM:2, VIVAH! The latter is still in theaters.

Even SRK, a crowd-puller has said,

I don't think CDI will be a grand commercial success. I can tell before a film's release if it will work at B.O. The same happened for Swades. I told Ashutosh(Gowariker) that the script was great but it wouldn't be a hit. But he didn't think so. Now you have the results.

But I "WILL DEFINITELY" watch this movie. I hits theaters on AUGUST 10.

Now tell me,


Feel free to comment!

Additional Scoop: From the 1st week of July, I'll start a regular segment on CDI, where I'll post exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes of CDI. Just wait till June 15/17 when you'll get the first theatrical of CDI online on BUwH.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ratings Scale of BOLLYWOOD UNLIMITED WITH HOLLYWOOD Reviews . . . . . . . . .

After publishing so many external movie reviews this time for me to actually pen reviews. I promise I'll not be revealing much of the story-lines or plot-holes or spoilers. There will be a separate section regarding that where you can find a lot of these things.

My critique will be intelligent, ingenious, filled with humour and wit, knowledgeable and blah...blah...blah................I know so bragging is not good. So I won't exaggerate myself to an unlimited level. But, one thing I can say, having seen so many cinematic classics (From the best Indian filmmaker RAY, to Orson Welles to Scorsese to Kurosawa et al).

But don't expect me to compare every Bollywood or any film with these unquestionable classics. For, classics are made only once in a lifetime. But the film I recommend will certainly entertain you to a good extent. I guess! So let's have a look at my rating systems: Equivalent number ratings are beside the letter grade.

A+ : Even an Oscar
is too small an award (10/10)
: No less than a classic (9.5-9/10)

A- : It's
perfect! (8.5/10)

Not to miss anyhow! Whatever happens surely
catch them and watch umpteen number of times.

B+ : Truly a memorable
experience (8/10)

B : Good! You will not be hurt! (7.5 or

B- : Pretty much
good! (6.5/10)

There's no harm watching 'em! But they are no
classics. Should watch at least once.

C+ : Bit flawed.
Nevertheless worthy of a good video watch. (6/10)

C : A tribute to the mediocrity. Watch
it if you have nothing better to do! (5.5 or 5/10)

C- :
Radically disappointing! (4.5/10)

No need to book an advance ticket and rush at a plex.
You should watch it on video if you really want to.

D+ : Abysmal.
Tragic. The maker didn't think of you while making it! Script, Direction, Acting

D :
Horrifically Dreadful and Lamentable experience! (3.5 or 3/10)

D- : Pernicious
and will leave a perpetual pain on your mind. (2.5/10)

Must miss! It will be at your risk!

Fs : Well F is the begiiing of a lot of words. You know! You can't count how many times you will curse yourself for checkin'
it out.

F+ (2/10)

F (1.5 or 1/10)

F- (.5/10)

And comes a very very very rare rating. Which I will
(try to) give only once in a Blue moon.

Z--: You'll be
found either dead or mentally/physically handicapped after the screening is
over. It jars you ad nauseam. (0/10)

Tell me what do you think of my ratings.


Now wait for my first review!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Very good news for all Spidey fans!! It was expected! The box-office result of Spider-Man 3 is out. That too for 1 day!

It's broken the all time opening day record.

Spider-Man 3 cast the widest web ever—over 10,000 screens at 4,252 theaters—and nabbed the all-time biggest gross for a single day: an estimated $59 million on Friday.

The previous title holder, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, drew $55.8 million on 8,500 screens at 4,133 theaters, contributing to a record-breaking $135.6 million weekend last July.

Distributor Sony projected Saturday morning that Spider-Man 3 would generate from $135 million to $145 million for the weekend (Friday to Sunday). The studio claimed a $258 million production budget for the Marvel Comics sequel, compared to $200 million for Spider-Man 2 and $139 million for Spider-Man.

By shattering the opening day record, Spider-Man 3 followed the path of the first two movies in the franchise as Spider-Man's $39.4 million and Spider-Man 2's $40.4 million set new benchmarks. Adjusted for ticket price inflation, those days would equal around $45 million and $43 million, respectively.

Additionally, Spider-Man 3 raked in $45 million overseas on Friday. Combined with domestic's $59 million, the sequel pulled in $104 million worldwide, the highest-grossing day ever for a single picture.

Eventually, in India too, where *only* Bollywood films reign, it has surpassed all its Hindi competitors. It has taken the best start of the year in India. It's opening rangeg from 90% - 100 %. No film this year (or any foreign language film ever) has done it before.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spider-Man 3 Production Video: Aaron Lam discusses the film . . . . . . . . . . . .

Aaron Lam is an assistant of director Sam Raimi in Spider-Man 3. In this video he describes his role in production of the film. He also does a cameo in this film. He teases Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in physics classroom, regarding Gwen Stacy (Bryce Howard).

Tell me how do you like it!

Here too!


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Xclusive! JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Audio Listings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, I refrained from posting yesterday (though I had a lot to post) as gesture of condolence for the Virginia Tech victims.

Now, coming to the point, I think we are on a roll and BUwH is definitely going p(a)laces! Barely 2.5 days ago I had shown you the first theatrical trailer of JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM. Now, I'm the first on the internet community to bring you the exclusive audio listings of Yashraj's JBJ. And guess what (like the last time) I have requested a Flickr member to post a wallpaper of JBJ. Now, it's here (Click to enlarge). Just for you!

If the trailer is anything to go by, one can surely tell that the title track is just awesome! The song are composed by Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy and lyrics are penned by Gulzar. Going back 2 years, this team (Yash Raj Films, Shaad Ali, Gulzar, SEL) created a bunch of wonderful melodies in form of "Bunty aur Babli". Who can forget KAJRA RE! So, the expectations riding on them is mammoth. WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FROM THE ALBUM? Tell me!

There are 7 tracks in the album. If you just look through the list of singers, you'll be surely bowled over. Even the musical trio tend to say that it's their "best effort to date". So I don't know what to expect. But hopes there from the BaB team. But really? it's better than Kal Ho Naa Ho ? Don't know!

Moreover it will be released on Audio - DVD format too! See the specs.


1. Jhoom
Singer : Shankar Mahadevan
2. Ticket To Hollywood
Singers : Neeraj Shridhar & Alisha Chinai
3. JBJ
Singers : Zubeen, Shankar Mahadevan & Sunidhi Chauhan
4. Bol Na Halke Halke
Singers : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Mahalaxmi Iyer
5. Kiss Of Love
Singers : Vishal Dadlani & Vasundhara Das
6. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Singers : KK, Sukhvinder Singh, Mahalaxmi Iyer & Shankar Mahadevan
7. Jhoom Jam
Singer : Instrumental (it's provided by the company! good! a singer named Instrumental croons it)

The makers say, "For maximum listening pleasure, it is recommended to listen to this album at the loudest." So! Can't wait? Don't worry! I'll post the clippings as soon as they are released. Just watch the trailer till then!