Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ratings Scale of BOLLYWOOD UNLIMITED WITH HOLLYWOOD Reviews . . . . . . . . .

After publishing so many external movie reviews this time for me to actually pen reviews. I promise I'll not be revealing much of the story-lines or plot-holes or spoilers. There will be a separate section regarding that where you can find a lot of these things.

My critique will be intelligent, ingenious, filled with humour and wit, knowledgeable and blah...blah...blah................I know so bragging is not good. So I won't exaggerate myself to an unlimited level. But, one thing I can say, having seen so many cinematic classics (From the best Indian filmmaker RAY, to Orson Welles to Scorsese to Kurosawa et al).

But don't expect me to compare every Bollywood or any film with these unquestionable classics. For, classics are made only once in a lifetime. But the film I recommend will certainly entertain you to a good extent. I guess! So let's have a look at my rating systems: Equivalent number ratings are beside the letter grade.

A+ : Even an Oscar
is too small an award (10/10)
: No less than a classic (9.5-9/10)

A- : It's
perfect! (8.5/10)

Not to miss anyhow! Whatever happens surely
catch them and watch umpteen number of times.

B+ : Truly a memorable
experience (8/10)

B : Good! You will not be hurt! (7.5 or

B- : Pretty much
good! (6.5/10)

There's no harm watching 'em! But they are no
classics. Should watch at least once.

C+ : Bit flawed.
Nevertheless worthy of a good video watch. (6/10)

C : A tribute to the mediocrity. Watch
it if you have nothing better to do! (5.5 or 5/10)

C- :
Radically disappointing! (4.5/10)

No need to book an advance ticket and rush at a plex.
You should watch it on video if you really want to.

D+ : Abysmal.
Tragic. The maker didn't think of you while making it! Script, Direction, Acting

D :
Horrifically Dreadful and Lamentable experience! (3.5 or 3/10)

D- : Pernicious
and will leave a perpetual pain on your mind. (2.5/10)

Must miss! It will be at your risk!

Fs : Well F is the begiiing of a lot of words. You know! You can't count how many times you will curse yourself for checkin'
it out.

F+ (2/10)

F (1.5 or 1/10)

F- (.5/10)

And comes a very very very rare rating. Which I will
(try to) give only once in a Blue moon.

Z--: You'll be
found either dead or mentally/physically handicapped after the screening is
over. It jars you ad nauseam. (0/10)

Tell me what do you think of my ratings.


Now wait for my first review!!

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