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CHAK DE INDIA: TEASER - Xclusive! & First!

Wallpaper- Chak De India (Shah Rukh Khan)
Ooh! what it was! First, I got the poster! Now it's the trailer itself! Thaaaaaaaanxxxxxxx to my dearest YouTube friend trailerer. You rock man! Just for you! He even spent a few buck to bring it. As he says, he recorded it from a video screenshot. So, video quality is not so good!


This video, in 30 seconds, is excellent, to describe in a single word. Particularly because of Shah Rukh Khan. And guess what! He sings! He describes his team of 16 girls so enthusiastically, that it's hard for me to write that despite it's in English. It's basically a music video. It won't be a part of the film.

Shahrukh does it!

Then you see the dark silhouettes of the girls in the studio shots and they appear in the semi-Lagaan style. To sum up, it packs in solid punch in half of a minute. Watch it (and the film too)!

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Also here!


JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM: External Movie Review 1

Well, guys! The reviews are out! I have 3 review till now. And guess! EACH of them is negative! This is the REDIFF review 1!

Maybe I'm just too naive.

I actually expected Jhoom Barabar Jhoom to be a love story, a fun four-person entertainer. It's not. I expected the film to star Abhishek Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta. It doesn't. Sigh. Promos are too misleading. Sure, the Shaad Ali film features this sub A-list starcast, but the star of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is a man named Aki Narula, and he does costumes. Shaad's feature-length music video affords Narula the chance to go wild and flex his designer skills, and so we're treated to outlandish dresses and crazy colours, startling cuts and bizarre bling. Bravo.

It's just that maybe films should have a point. Or if not that -- for perhaps that might seem too optimistically greedy a demand -- then at least a story. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom has nothing to offer but eye-candy. And, unlike Dhoom: 2, it's not sugary enough to lap up anyway, a contrived, half-witted, over-Punjabi offering. Gah.

Anyway, Abhishek is Rikki Thukral, a sashaying Punju lout who likes all things shiny. He runs into the ever-pouting Alvira Khan (Preity), a British girl with Pakistani roots. Both share a table and their love stories, Forrest Gumping into an almost-confessional conversation as they sit at Waterloo Station, waiting for a train. So as Rikki's uneaten sandwich cools off, he describes his dreamy Anaida Raza (Lara), a manager at The Ritz in Paris, and Alvira gushes about her millionaire lover, Steve Singh (Bobby). They're both utterly happy couples, but -- as we discover through an unthinkably out of context series of dargah and mosque scenes, with some Taj Mahal talk thrown in for good measure -- this two-hour conversation has left them convinced they are in love with each other.

Convenient, no?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for trademark Bollywood escapism.

What I'm not so gung-ho about, though, is a scriptless film playing out with extreme obviousness. Ooh, there is a twist, but by the time it comes around you're bored and don't really give a damn anymore. Jhoom is a film aimed unashamedly at the Punjabi-Abroad audience, and the only way I see them enjoying it is if they spot a familiar Southall laundry. In case you were wondering, it's not funny. Unless, that is, your idea of funny just happens to be Abhishek Bachchan saying 'Blimey' in an overdone Punjabi accent every few scenes -- and then pausing to give you laugh-time -- and a pretty actress with a Punjabi foul mouth. (Have you, by any chance, wondered at my constant use of the P-word? I'm sorry, can't help it. This movie tries to be as hardcore as sarson da saag. Only, it's stale.

Abhishek tries hard, and you have to admire him for it. Not many actors would come in and try their hand at a character only playable by Akshay Kumar, and Bachchan does a valiant job as stand-in. For the filmmaker's part, they've given him the plummiest of lines and the edgiest of shoes; he has the laughs, the definitive protagonist role, and a real character arc. What he does with all of this is, of course, overact to the nines, making Bunty Aur Babli seem like a masterwork. Lara Dutta is the finest of the four, her character managing a relatively adorable French accent as well as coarse streetwalker-speak with natural flair. The film is quite a revelation as the actress emerges comfortably head and shoulders above the rest of the cast, and is the only one to act in the appropriate key.

Bobby Deol doesn't have much to do in the first half, but is significantly, impressively 'chweet' in the second, and you don't mind him as much as his filmography demands. And then there's Preity Zinta. Once young and bubbly, today's Zinta looks heavy on both botox and frustration. Her lips might possibly have had a shot of collagen too many, and she pouts as if a boyfriend fawningly compared her to Ms Jolie, lying through his teeth. The result is disastrous, an actress hamming enough to make her co-stars look way better. From accent to emotion, Preity is plain and simple insufferable in this film. Perhaps big-sister roles are in order.

No, the Haneef bhai bit role is the film's best, a pleasant surprise like the cameo from The Kumar's At No 42 cast.

There has always been a warmth to Shaad Ali's work, a certain slice-of-life realism palpable even when the going gets unreal and outrageous. Here, the director succumbs to the gimmicks, and while almost every line in the first half plays for laughs, there isn't even a snicker from the audience. And the gimmicks aren't even clever. Shaad whizzes by in a car nearby, writer Habib Faisal has a two-line cameo. And the star-kids are put in their place: Abhishek gets to grin about Ash-ji and Amit-ji's statues at Tussauds' and wear a bright red Coolie shirt; Bobby comes on screen with Main Jat yamla pagla deewana playing. And both dutifully ride a motorcycle and sidecar with the Sholay song playing. When, oh when, are we going to let go of these coat-tails?

The first half is merely, mindnumbingly boring, while the second gets exasperating. And it's all so inanely wasteful. There's nothing wrong with making a madcap comedy. Next time, though, a plot would be nice. This film doing well would just mean more brightly packaged idiocy will be shoved down our throats, and so I'm praying otherwise. All I can say is that it's stupid. Oh, and a word must be said about the music. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have managed one catchy, potentially hit number in the title track, while the other songs all seem derivative of either Rahman or Reshammiya. But they have their one, titular 'punch' song, and so the filmmakers go all-out with it, thwacking us with versions of it repeatedly. Like the hit of the year at a Punju shaadi, we're Jhoomed till we groan as Amitabh Bachchan [Images] pops randomly, meaninglessly out of place and sings a few lines, while the rest of the bachchas go completely overboard, stretching a 'dance competition' version to about 20 minutes, interspersed with snatches of dialogue. Aargh.

Just before a ridiculous Amitabh epilogue, the film ends happily, with a couple kissing. I won't tell you which two are liplocked, but it isn't a surprise. Anyway, it's one of those awkward screen kisses, a glorified, postured moment with the man bending the woman over his kneww, and planting one, hard. The shot ends with her legs wobbling in discomfort.

We can relate. We've been dying to walk out.

Rating: *½ (1.5/5) [Very Poor to Poor]

First wallpaper from CHAK DE INDIA!!

I did it again! Well, I told you that I would come up with the first looks of Yash Raj Films' SRK starrer CHAK DE INDIA!! And I am here! It's basically the amalgamation of the last two posters.

16 girls standing behind Shah Rukh Khan is the picture you get. The eyes of SRK are filled with so much sadness that you tend to cry over the poster.

The poster says, "Shahrukh Khan and his team of 16 girls". SRK once jokingly saud, it should read "Team of 16 girls and SRK too!". Look like an out and out (it is!) SRK movie. The poster is just excellent. I expect a brilliant film from Yashraj clan long time after KABUL EXPRESS.

I hope, it's definitely gonna rock. If you want the 5-minute music video there are a number of option including a preview of JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM (DON'T SEE IT! A DIE-HARD YASH RAJ lover gave it 1.5 outta 5) or go to their website. I will TRY to bring that over here!


Wait for JBJ reviews!

Click on the image to enlarge!
Wallpaper- Chak De India (Shah Rukh Khan)



After the character sketch, the synopsis is here. Quite mad, actually!

Busy London station. Delayed train from Birmingham. Two strangers waiting for the train... Rikki Thukral (Abhishek Bachchan) born in Bhatinda, living in London; and Alvira Khan (Preity Zinta) more Brit than the Queen herself, however with Lahori blood in her veins.

Crowded café. One table to share. Two hours to kill. Perfect setting for the start of a love story. Hitch? Both Rikki and Alvira are engaged and have come to pick up their fiancés who are coming by the same train. To kill time, they end up telling each other their “how I met my fiancé” stories.

Rikki met his fiancé Anaida (Lara Dutta) at The Ritz (Paris), the same night that Princess Diana and Dodi walked out of the hotel and into the paparazzi. As Rikki says, “When two lovers die, another two are a born”. They dance... they sing... they're in love!

Alvira, a princess by nature discovers her prince at Madame Tussaud's. When a gigantic wax model of Superman falls from the ceiling, Alvira is a sitting target. But Steve the Prince (Bobby Deol), a lawyer by profession saves her life but steals her heart! They also sing, they also dance and they also fall in love...

Stories unfold, time passes, the two strangers start enjoying each other. That Alvira is a Pakistani Brit and Rikki originally from India... that Rikki is crooked, earthy, and rakish: dabbler in various businesses; that Alvira is prim-n-proper, wannabe blue-blood, stiff upper-lip: Asst. Manager at House of Fraser's... none of these details matter. They have gotten alarmingly attracted to each other!

Their brief encounter has created a complicated quadrangle... Rikki Thukral and Alvira Khan have gotten themselves and Steve and Anaida into a lovely mess... To get out of it both of them bend over backward, thinking quickly on their feet, dancing around each other's emotions... After all when you're playing musical chairs with love, there's nothing you can do but Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (Dance Baby Dance)!

Wait for the reviews and videos!



Okay, guys! Today is the Jhoom Bararbar Jhoom day. The Yash Raj Film directed by Shaad Ali Sahgal releases today. So, there is no fault today, if I post many........many..........JBJ-related posts. For starters, the character sketch. The next post will be synopsis.

Steve Singh is the immensely rich and treacherously handsome joint partner of London's reputed Singh & Smith Law firm. Steve is the man's man... the man about town... powerful, intense and very self-effacing... Born to a British Mum and Punjabi Dad, he's a balance of Punjabi impulse - not thinking twice before heroically saving Alvira's life - and he's got suave ritzy genteel from his Brit Mum. Classy. Seemly. Chivalrous. That's Steve.

He has a palace for an office matched only by Mandrake's Xanadu. And wears those dashing suits and up-market cuts like Bruce Wayne. What's more... one meeting and he seemed to know everything about Alvira her religious rituals, where she worked, her pet name... Is he Clark Kent or Superman? He even seems to appear and disappear at will... Yes... That's Steve.

He has those natty rugged looks... a scar on his cheek that he got while rescuing a girl who was being forced to dance... But even that Steve doesn't wear on his sleeve. He's Alvira's knight in shining armour... her millionaire lover... her hero...

Picture a three foot six inch girl. She stands alone in the middle of a church. Merely six years old, Alvira Khan takes an oath before God. "I'll never marry a brownie kaalakalutaa. Please find me a good-looking gora boy like yourself. Amen." Cut to 20 odd years later. Alvira is your typical Pakistani Brit. She would hate to acknowledge the Pakistani part... She's more Brit than the Queen herself.

Despite living in a ghettoized Lahori household, Alvira has that stiff upper lip attitude towards the riffraff...especially those crass Southalliyas with their lack of polish and their over-friendliness. That job she has as Manager at the House of Fraser's is a godsend. She can hobnob with the hip Bond Streeters any time she likes... Yea, that's what she calls 'class'...

She has a princess personality and a virtually rebellious opinion of everything. And on a fated day at Madame Tussaud's, the princess is daringly rescued by her knight in shining armour... her prince Steve, who grabs her from under a falling Superman model... And she's swept off her feet, heels over head in love... Her dream come true!

Baadshah of Bhatinda, now Sultan of Southall... Rikki Thukral! Confront him and he pulls out his most lethal weapon... "I got class"... Can't mess with Rikki after that. Classy he is, in his own earthy way... Just watch him engineer a deal... selling pirated films, illegal antiques, rented property, second hand fridges... if need be even the Queen's crown... Rikki makes it look like a cakewalk with his canny cheekiness and charm.

Rikki came to Southall with a dream... of acquiring windfall riches. He would do all it takes... The moment he met Huffy Bhai it was like love at first sight. It didn't matter that Huffy Bhai was from Karachi or that he would lift his kurta at the most inappropriate moment... they got on like a house on fire. Him and Huffy live life with the attitude and spunk that shouts out, "We're here now... and now that we're here, Southall is ours!" They stay themselves everywhere... and wherever they go, they set up an independent republic! Together, both of them can arrange anything under the sun... from the best seats at the Cricket World Cup to a fridge at the cheapest price... after all, it's not fashionable for a modern day entrepreneur to have all fingers in one pie.

They haven't got a permanent mailing address... and even if they did, nothing would ever get sent there... Always on the move, Rikki's clients' needs are such that he can't contain his business in an office... so the whole of Southall is his oyster. Rikki doesn't consider himself a crook, but rather a maverick who just makes the calls... talks the talk... brings people together... walks the walk... makes his commission and stays happy.

Like everything in Rikki's life, even falling in love was 70mm cinemascope. Only Rikki could have fallen in love with his dream girl Anaida when the legendary love-birds Princess Diana and Dodi were leaving The Ritz for the last time.... And then like sparkling magic, as Rikki says, "when two lovers die, another two are born"... they dance... they sing... they're in love!

Anaida Raza is the sizzling nymph with a soft core. Brought up in the City of Love as a pragmatic,rooted and razor-sharp woman... Assistant Manager at The Ritz Hotel in Paris... she runs her beat with metronomic efficiency and keeps everybody including her staff happy.

She's dealt with all types and can be as friendly as she can be foxy. She'll manage a huge hotel and make it look like a breeze... despite thousands of photographers jumping all over the place... but also find the time to pick up Rikki's handkerchief from the floor and return it to him... How was she to know the hanky would turn out bait... and she'd be hooked, in love with Rikki in the flicker of a moment.

Like so many around the world... she gave her heart to Princess Diana. So much so, that despite her otherwise no-nonsense exterior, she cried when she couldn't visit Diana's funeral.

She has that alluring combination of passion and charisma that would make any guy go ga-ga...

And Rikki is no exception.

Well, I just spotted toooooooooooooooooo many goofs outta there. They will be clear when the film is released. Yash Raj Films! Do something real research!

  • Watch the trailer! You'll see that despite being all Brits and (MAYBE!) no acquaintance with India. Yet. they converse in Hindi!
  • Despite being "more brit than the queen herself" and "Sultan of Southall" Preity and AB Jr. have not a single touch of British English accent! Wow!
  • Diana died in 1997. IF the film is set in present times (probably), the characters look not a single day older in the 10-year old flashback. Just compare this two songs (Kiss, Ticket) with trailer.

थोरा तो research करो! Please think!

Okay. no more criticism now. Get ready.



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Yash Raj and Disney join hands for animation films in India

ooff! At last, a June post not featuring Jhoom Barabar Jhoom! I am delighted! Okay, it's about the makers of JBJ.

Yash Raj Films, arguably the biggest money-making "studio" of India has joined hands with one of the biggest studio in Hollywood, Walt Disney Studios. Here's what the press release says:

Yash Raj Films (YRF), India’s premier studio, has entered into an agreement with The Walt Disney Studios, world-renowned leaders in family entertainment, to exclusively create a series of original computer-animated feature films, it was announced today by Yash Chopra, Chairman of YRF, and Dick Cook, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. The collaboration marks the first time for both companies to enter a co-production to produce films in India.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Chopra said, “Yash Raj Films has been at the forefront in live-action feature films for almost four decades. Together with my son Aditya Chopra, we have created our own space with the efforts of a wonderful team – both creative and business – and have had the opportunity of producing films that we believe in – films that entertain a large population, as well as the Indian Diaspora.”

“When YRF decided to venture into the animation space, we felt that an alliance with Disney Studios, the leader in animation, represented the coming together of not just two organizations, but the teaming up of like-minded individuals committed to creating excellent products. Both companies not only have a common quest for excellence but also the same culture and traditions,” added Mr. Chopra.

Mr. Cook said, “We’re thrilled and honoured to be working with Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra and their talented team at YRF to create exceptional animated films in the Indian language that are culturally relevant for the avid movie-going audiences in India and around the world.”

“Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra have proven themselves to be true visionaries and leaders in the Indian entertainment industry and have excelled in everything they have done. Animation is a new and rapidly expanding area in India, and the collaboration between Disney and YRF will bring the very best in story-telling and cutting edge technology together as we make wonderful films that appeal to the entire family,” added Mr. Cook.

This landmark announcement by Yash Chopra and Dick Cook is a first in the field of animation. YRF and Walt Disney Studios will work exclusively to co-produce a series of animation films in the Indian language. Both companies will be equal partners in the venture and will contribute creative, technical and financial support to the project.

Each film under this alliance will be creatively overseen by Aditya Chopra and worked on with an inventive array of leading local talent. The first film to be co-produced in this alliance will be ‘Roadside Romeo’, set to release in 2008. The film will be produced by Aditya Chopra and, written and directed by Jugal Hansraj, and will utilize state-of-the-art computer animation technology done entirely in India.

About Yash Raj Films (YRF)
YRF is the leading player in the Indian film industry and the country’s premier independent Studio conglomerate. The Company’s core lies in the production and distribution of some of the industry’s highest grossing films. With offices also in New York, London, and Dubai, YRF handles the global distribution of its own films as well as films of other leading Indian producers. The Company also has its own music and home entertainment labels, design cell and post-production facilities, internet, digital, merchandising and marketing divisions, as well as in-house units focused on the creation of television software, ad films, and music videos. YRF also has its own state-of-the-art fully integrated Studio, producing an average of 6 films a year, and thus making it an integral part of the entertainment business in India.

About Buena Vista International, Inc.
Buena Vista International, Inc. is the international theatrical distribution arm of The Walt Disney Studios. It is headquartered in Burbank, California with 27 offices worldwide.

About The Walt Disney Company in India
The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise with four business segments: consumer products, media networks, parks and resorts and studio entertainment. Disney is a Dow 30 company, had annual revenues of nearly $34 billion in its most recent fiscal year, and a market capitalization of approximately $73.8 billion as of May 11, 2007.

And their first film is:

A rich, cool, spoilt brat of a dog is abandoned on the wicked streets of Mumbai. He faces situations he has never faced before. He is confronted by dangerous, loony characters, the likes of which he has never met before. From mansions to streets... From five course meals to five courses of scraps... From soft beds to piles of garbage... From champagne to tap water... Hop on to the adventure as Romeo turns into “Roadside Romeo”...

Credit List
Written and Directed by Jugal Hansraj
Produced by Aditya Chopra
Music by Salim-Sulaiman
Lyrics by Jaideep Sahni
Animation Studio – TATA Elxsi (VCL)

Featuring (Voices Of)
Saif Ali Khan
Kareena Kapoor
Jaaved Jaaferi

Duh! Can't they leave the typical Bollywood stereotypes? They can't "HOLLYWOOD-ISE" themselves even when they are going to a COMMENDABLE, UNIQUE field. But, nonetheless, a good effort! Hope it turn great! For the first time, we'll be enjoying stars' voices on the mouths of canines. Let's hope Jugal Hansraj (the Masoom boy, or distinctly Sameer of Mohabbatein and Jignesh of Salaam Namaste)

IMAGE AND TEXT CREDIT: YASH RAJ FILMS (Click on the images to go to original page)


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JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Production Video: Kiss of Love & Polls

No. I ain't Aditya Chopra or any member from the Yash Raj clan. I am posting all Jhoom Barabar Jhoom videos though. Yesterday, I told that there would be a JBJ one! So it's here! It's the production video of the song Kiss of Love.

This is the song featuring Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta. The video starts off with Vishal's rendition of the song in the studio.

And then, the beauty (read Zinta) fills the frame and says,
Kiss of Love is the Kiss of Love!

Eww! what's that? I told you that she really looked beautiful in the song. So she's beauty. And without br*ins. (No offence intended, that's why the asterisk)

Okay, next choreographer Vaibhavi tells how was it shooting the song in the lanes of London ans studios. She choreographed it really well and Preity danced "very well". And apart from that Preity looks stunning with her costumes and make-ups. She has not looked so beautiful before.

And yes! This is Bobby's best look till date. Though he pretends to be over smart in the video. For the first time, cinematographer Ayananka Bose comes and shares his experience shooting the song. His camerawork is awesome (where's the thesaurus?).

Okay, now decide it yourself!


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You can also vote and view results here!
ps: Next won't be JBJ. Probably!

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Well, is it a JBJ month? 'Coz this June I'm constantly posting JBJ videos et al. Don't I have anything else to post? Yes, I do! But it's just for fun.

Below is a song from Yash Raj Films' Jhoom Barabar Jhoom where all the four leads of the film (Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta, Preity Zinta, Abhishek Bachchan) are dancing to the song JBJ. The song is just about okay according to me. There are no close-ups so it's not possible to comment on individual looks. But Abhishek "does" look bad. The past video (KoL, TtH) were far superior in terms of visuals and cinematography.

Anyways! Enjoy it now!

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P.S. : My next post will be on JBJ too!

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JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Production Video: Ticket to Hollywood

Once again a sardonic post! Last time, the saving grace were Preity and Bobby! This time I bring a Bachchan? Have I any shame? Yes, I do! It's only for you my dear friends! Courtesy, my YouTube friends!

It's the production video of the song Ticket to Hollywood. It really has a Hollywood feel in the song. As I earlier posted the video, you have definitely seen that Abhishek and Lara were in the video.

The video starts off with the song recording in the Yash Raj Films studios. It has singer Neeraj Shridhar sharing his experience about the song. But it has no Alisha Chinai in the video, who also sang the song. Next Lara comes into the frame describing her looks and dance steps enthusiastically. She looks better in the video than in the original song.

Vaibhavi Merchant talks the dance steps. She discusses the I-am-not-gonna-rehearse-before-the-shoot habit of Abhishek. Though she is just exuberant praising Abhishek's steps, his "body movements" hardly resemble dance. No, folks! It ain't a personal grudge! You see and tell me. Don't you think his supposed-to-be-rival-friend Hrithik is a better "dancer"!

Lastly, The Son comes into the picture. And like I said before, with his overgrown beard, he looks anything but a man! And why does he pretend to be sooooo smart?

Overall watch this video. It ain't that bad! It clearly shows how people in Bollywood work.


What is exactly my motive? Am I really a human being? Or am I mocking myself? After my one of the best posts ever (at least I consider so), I am coming with videos of an Amitabh- Abhishek film! Shame on myself! Well, I will manage what I am to do. Thanks to my YouTube friends!

As you all may know, this is a song featuring Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta. Though we hear the words KOL throughout, we not a glimpse of any sort of Kiss of Love. The visuals are bright and imaginative. It's picturized well. The whole video works on a Broadway Musical format. Be it the sets or the costumes - they all symbolize the same. The cinematography is stunning with rich colours and innovative camera angles. The costumes are good. Finally I am able to say that after the pseudo-wannabe-Jack Sparrow looks of Him (you know whom I mean!).

Now, coming to actors, Booby isn't very good but certainly not bad. Glamorous and thankfully suits the look. Preity is the real visual treat here! She looks a million bucks. She has not looked more beautiful before. Courtesy: Aki Narula and make-up artiste.

But one complaint! The husky voice of Vishal (of Vishal Shekhar) doesn't suit Bobby at all! Why add his voice? Dunno! Now watch it!