Friday, June 15, 2007

First wallpaper from CHAK DE INDIA!!

I did it again! Well, I told you that I would come up with the first looks of Yash Raj Films' SRK starrer CHAK DE INDIA!! And I am here! It's basically the amalgamation of the last two posters.

16 girls standing behind Shah Rukh Khan is the picture you get. The eyes of SRK are filled with so much sadness that you tend to cry over the poster.

The poster says, "Shahrukh Khan and his team of 16 girls". SRK once jokingly saud, it should read "Team of 16 girls and SRK too!". Look like an out and out (it is!) SRK movie. The poster is just excellent. I expect a brilliant film from Yashraj clan long time after KABUL EXPRESS.

I hope, it's definitely gonna rock. If you want the 5-minute music video there are a number of option including a preview of JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM (DON'T SEE IT! A DIE-HARD YASH RAJ lover gave it 1.5 outta 5) or go to their website. I will TRY to bring that over here!


Wait for JBJ reviews!

Click on the image to enlarge!
Wallpaper- Chak De India (Shah Rukh Khan)


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