Friday, June 1, 2007

JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Production Video: Ticket to Hollywood

Once again a sardonic post! Last time, the saving grace were Preity and Bobby! This time I bring a Bachchan? Have I any shame? Yes, I do! It's only for you my dear friends! Courtesy, my YouTube friends!

It's the production video of the song Ticket to Hollywood. It really has a Hollywood feel in the song. As I earlier posted the video, you have definitely seen that Abhishek and Lara were in the video.

The video starts off with the song recording in the Yash Raj Films studios. It has singer Neeraj Shridhar sharing his experience about the song. But it has no Alisha Chinai in the video, who also sang the song. Next Lara comes into the frame describing her looks and dance steps enthusiastically. She looks better in the video than in the original song.

Vaibhavi Merchant talks the dance steps. She discusses the I-am-not-gonna-rehearse-before-the-shoot habit of Abhishek. Though she is just exuberant praising Abhishek's steps, his "body movements" hardly resemble dance. No, folks! It ain't a personal grudge! You see and tell me. Don't you think his supposed-to-be-rival-friend Hrithik is a better "dancer"!

Lastly, The Son comes into the picture. And like I said before, with his overgrown beard, he looks anything but a man! And why does he pretend to be sooooo smart?

Overall watch this video. It ain't that bad! It clearly shows how people in Bollywood work.

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