Friday, June 1, 2007


What is exactly my motive? Am I really a human being? Or am I mocking myself? After my one of the best posts ever (at least I consider so), I am coming with videos of an Amitabh- Abhishek film! Shame on myself! Well, I will manage what I am to do. Thanks to my YouTube friends!

As you all may know, this is a song featuring Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta. Though we hear the words KOL throughout, we not a glimpse of any sort of Kiss of Love. The visuals are bright and imaginative. It's picturized well. The whole video works on a Broadway Musical format. Be it the sets or the costumes - they all symbolize the same. The cinematography is stunning with rich colours and innovative camera angles. The costumes are good. Finally I am able to say that after the pseudo-wannabe-Jack Sparrow looks of Him (you know whom I mean!).

Now, coming to actors, Booby isn't very good but certainly not bad. Glamorous and thankfully suits the look. Preity is the real visual treat here! She looks a million bucks. She has not looked more beautiful before. Courtesy: Aki Narula and make-up artiste.

But one complaint! The husky voice of Vishal (of Vishal Shekhar) doesn't suit Bobby at all! Why add his voice? Dunno! Now watch it!

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