Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Real "SUPERRRRR-STAR" !!! Part 1

Hmmmmmm..... I know most people in this county are actually fans of the self-proclaimed "BIGGEST SUPERSTAR" and yes! above all "THE BEST ACTOR EVER". Who is it? C'mon! Still don't get it? It's the gawd (oops! GOD!!! darn me!) the AMITABH BACHCHAN!!!! And who can forget his तू जहाँ जहाँ चलेगा, मेरा साया साथ होगा (tu-jahaan-jahan-chalega,-mera-sayaa-saath-hoga) -esque pativrataa wife- JAYA! And with great ecstasy (or with agony?), I have to state that she is from my city - The City of Joy - Kolkata.

"UP Mein hein dum, kyunki jurm hai yahaan kum" (UP is strong because it has less crime). This is the tagline Amitabh emphasised during the state government election campaign of Uttar Pradesh for his "DEAREST" friends Amar Singh and Mulyam Singh Yadav. An informed Indian surely know the deeds of these two. So we're not gonna elaborate. I'd like to mention a very popular proverb "A man is known by the friends he keeps". Wink! Wink!

Now just two months prior to the ad campaign began, there happened the Nithari killings. Please search in the search box who doesn't know the happenings! Coz, it will take me launch another blog to publish the news. Very well for all who already know the hugest example of brutality (I don't know any other word, an illiterate I am!).

So, He (Folks! it's not a grammatical mistake! remember when we address the God!) doesn't consider the slaughter, the rapes of newborn infants, girls even boys below 5 years doesn't come to me. This ain't a crime. Right! B? People literally "worship" you. Yeah! For those living in India, you could see people erecting his pictures in temples and kneeling before it! Thank you very much! For you are spreading conscience with the help of super-heroism to the very roots of this country. Bravo! Man!

One year back, I considered rapes, killings et al serious "crimes". Now, it appears nothing to me! Along with the billion. Courtesy? Your Majesty! And is there a reason why would you not glorify these incidents? After all, this goes in favour of your friends aka the "real friends" of the society! Or India! Then, (only THEN, NOW is a different pic.) the police of Mulayam & Co. government refused to register complaints against The Devil from the battered parents of the HUNDREDS (yes!) of the lost ones (a good word again! Why can't I use a bad word?). The M govt. even initially refused to start a CBI probe. Hmmmm.... "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED"!

By the way, we are digressing from the original point which I intended to finger at. He can't see any crime in UP nor can he commit any!

Jaya is a Member of the Parliament (MP) of Rajya Sabha. "She has been found guilty of not revealing details of land which she and her family owned in UP at the time of becoming a Rajya Sabha MP". Sorry! It's not a guilt. Folks!

And the deeds of the God Himself:

  • Amitabh Bachchan had bought more than two acres of land in Daulatpur village of Barabanki, UP.
  • He had bought this land on May 11, 1983 claiming that he was a farmer.
  • He is charged with submitting forged documents to prove his credentials as a farmer.

Phew! Hue! Cue! No word's coming to me once again! Farmer! Well, not surprised! pssssss..... He had done it before in Maharashtra. Even he didn't enter his full name when he was being enlisted.

In a country, where lots (read MILLIONS) of people are starving to death, and the same number of farmers (real, it is) he (and we too!) finds it smart to play, actually grow crops. And you don't know! There are lots of others! Good farmer! The BESTESTESTEST actor, The Legend, The "Inimitable" Human being,....blah!...blah!...blah!!......The world-class FARMER - by how many ways is he going to show his VERSATILITY?

Villagers of Barabanki are incredulous to say the least. "Can you ever believe that Amitabh is a farmer," they say disbelievingly. Sources close to Jaya Bachchan, however, say that the property in question is a disputed property. The Bachchans had bought this property, but they didn't have possession of it. They got the possession four days after Jaya Bachchan became a Rajya Sabha MP.

  • I REALLY, REALLY WANNA BECOME AN MP! JAYA DIDA! HELP ME! I am from your city! It gives me more pride to mention your name when I mention my origin than when I think of SMALLER people like RABINDRANATH TAGORE, NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE, SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, SATYAJIT RAY. The number of "smaller" people is even greater when I speak of my land, WEST BENGAL. It'd then become an EXHAUSTIVE list. So, I won't go anymore.
  • And to my Dearest DADU: We have acres of family agricultural lands in WB. Nowadays, many of my farmers are queasy due to summer heat. Seeing yours incessant stamina, I have a proposal or call for a farmer. Would you oblige Amitabh? OOPS! Dadu it is!

More coming soon!

Courtesy: CNN-IBN

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