Friday, May 18, 2007

JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM Production Video: Title Song

After the last post, I made it once again! I told you there that I'd come up with another crazy video soon! And guess! It's here. Thanks my friend! This time it's no song. It's Yash Raj team's making of the title song of JBJ.

This is the song where Amitabh will make an appearance. It shows the team Yashraj effort behind it. From music composition to's all in the video with behind the scenes, footage of song recording at the YRF studios. The title track, as I always say is, awesome.

Here come the flip points.................

Preity Zinta - Quite a dumb interview. I just don't fathom why everybody is prone to address Amitabh Bachchan a god! From what point of view is he a god? Is the acting or as a human being? I don't think he's a bad actor. Actulally VERY GOOD at many of his films. But a benchmark? Shark! In the recent past show his extraordinarily brilliant performances. Family or KANK or Sarkar (Marlon Brando would have frowned) or Eklavya? But in Nishabd, I say, he was undeniably good. God is the one who always towers without a fall. Albeit I don't really believe in God in such cases. And a human being?

Sing baby sing! As long as you can cling!

I don't share rooms with him. So it would be unfair for me to comment on him. But one SUPERSTAR who introduces oneself as a farmer to acquire lands, charge 1 rupee remuneration and Rolls Royce as a "gift" to avoid tax (well his son did just the same it GURU naa!), donate 100-150 million rupees to a temple just to avoid tax, not even losing a single penny for the welfare of people blah! blah! - can be a God? Gawd!

Aki Narula - You think you're very intelligent and know about all the "costumes" all over the world besides your Bolly masala? Primarily Amitabh looks very bad in the outfit as I had stated earlier. And they're mid-age costume? Are you a historian? I fell sorry to brag, but I score 90% + marks in History. Sad! It doesn't come to me why does everyone try to copy our beloved Jack Sparrow and even worse, put it up on someone old and ........

Vaibhavi Merchant: Amitabh is brilliant? His steps are contrived and immature. He acts well but doesn't know how to dance unlike his son's rival, Hrithik.

Okay I was enough nitpicking everyone! Now see what's about it.



Anonymous said...

Quite good!

DJ said...

Seems pretty cool. Music is just great by the trio. And love Big B's style. Looking forward to this one for sure :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! that's indeed true. AB Sr. is no god. if he is God, so is SRK. Besides, i don't like his dress. But the video is good.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...