Monday, April 9, 2007

Spl. TA RA RUM PUM Character Sketch - Rani Mukherjee

Life can be the most unexpected journey of all. This is something that I have learnt over my many years with RV, the man who I never thought could be the kind of person I could fall for.

My life as Radhika Shekhar Rai Banerjee started off with ambition and very careful planning. I always knew what I wanted to be and exactly how I wanted to get there. Right from when I was a little girl playing with my carefully organised & acquired dolls to when I decided to pursue a career in music - everything I have done has been well thought out and every step chalked along the way. My Dad, who owns one of the biggest software companies in the world, obviously approved. But everything changed when one sunny day I happened to get into a cab that took off with a bang & propelled me into a life that I had never thought I would lead.

RV exploded into my life with the usual madness & energy that I have now come to expect from him as an everyday trait. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the stands of the New York Speedway, cheering on with wild abandon a man that I had barely met 2 days ago. But that's what I mean about life being unexpected. Love too, in this case. I fell in love in a manner completely contrary to everything that I've ever done so far, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! And suddenly Radhika Shekhar Rai Banerjee, the straight-laced girl became 'Shona', a woman in love.

Life with RV was always a roller-coaster ride of emotions, and things didn't change even with the arrival of Princess & Champ - the two shining lights in my life. We were the ideal happy family that I never knew I wanted, but was so content that I had! But life, in all its unpredictability, had more in store for us…

RV's departure from the race track forced us to give up the idyll of a happy & content life, including our beautiful house. Suddenly we had to fend for a living using any means possible, all the while maintaining a facade of normalcy for the sake of our children. Will I be able to keep my family together while struggling against the vagaries of life? Will I manage to see us through yet another crisis?

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(Note: The imagery used here, is only for INFORMATIONAL purpose, not for any Commercial purpose)

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