Monday, April 9, 2007

SRK proves his critics wrong; DON Celebrates Silver Jubilee in Indian Theaters

There's a news which would make all Shah Rukh Khan fans overjoyed. Shahrukh Khan's last film DON (Director: Farhan Akhtar) which was released on 2oth October last year is now celebrating its Silver Jubilee in Indian theaters. DON, which was a remake of 1978 Amitabh Bachchan film of the same name, was slammed by all the critics after the release. DON was listed at the top of every worst film list of every critic. But the critics could not refrain people from flocking into the theaters. As a result, it went on to become a blockbuster. Its domestic & overseas grosses feature in all-time blockbuster lists.

The film which was supposed to fall flat after the criticism it received on release goes into its 25th week running at Uday(4 shows a day) and Imperial (Matinee show) in Mumbai.

Collections follow:

India: $14,302,729 (till January 11, 2007)
USA: $2,223,961
UK: $2,826,980
Australia: $233,903
New Zealand: $52,556

To be frank, I am NOT a fan of any particular actor. As an unbiased viewer, I thought that the film was not a masterpiece, but it was quite good and entertaining. It was one of the best action/ escapist movie from Bollywood. SRK's demeanor and attitude made him look a perfect DON. The climax was the most awesome part of the film. In IMDb it has a 7+ rating. It has also won some public choice awards.

Could you explain why were critics so hostile towards this film? Were they biased? Feel free to discuss about the film. Do you support what SRK jokingly said by tampering a dialogue in the film after the release: डॉन के critic का सबसे बड़ा गलती यह है के वोह डॉन का critic है (The biggest mistake of Don's critic is that he is the critic of Don)?

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