Monday, April 9, 2007

Spl. TA RA RUM PUM Character Sketch - Kids


Welcome to my world… the world of Priya Rajveer Singh. I am 'Princess' to the people who are close to me.

I have four important people in my world and without them I am lost - Papa, Mama, Champ and Bruno (our dog)… I love them all… strictly in that order!

I love my school, Miss Peggy my teacher and my friends… not in that order... ha ha ha!!!

I love when Papa races. He looks so good in his uniform, wow! Mama, Champ and myself we all go and cheer Papa!

Champ and I are good children, we never fight… well almost never :)

I am his big sister, and also his friend. But when Papa had his accident, we got really scared… and life is not like it used to be. I want my old world back a happy world in which there were smiling faces of Papa, Mama, Champ and Bruno!


I am Ranveer Rajveer Singh but pyaar se everyone calls me ‘Champ’ - because when I was born, my Papa won a big big race.

I like to go school, listen to Princess because she is always right. I also like to fight with her.

My favourites are Cars and Burgers - I love to eat burgers. I also like to play games.

I don't like to make Mama-Papa, Princess sad. I always want us to be smiling and happy. And I always sing the song they love “ta ra rum pum…”

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(Note: The imagery used here is only for INFORMATIONAL purpose, and has not been used Commercially)

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