Sunday, April 8, 2007

shakalaka boom boom or provoked this week?

Two movies have been released this week. One is Suneel Darshan's SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM and other one is Jag Mundhra's PROVOKED. Well my opinion on the two films:

  • SBB:

    Well, what can be said about this film? This film has Up*n Pa**l and Cel*na J**tly (is it the right spelling?) in PIVOTAL roles! . Isn't that the reason enough to avoid it? Moreover, there's music (and voice too...) by Mr. HI**SH nasal twang R*S**MM*IY*. If promos are anything to go by all the protagonists can be taught acting by any slum-dweller. An actress who stars in this film, made her debut last-year with two awesome flicks. My message to her: Ms. Kang*n*, after your first two films, we liked you immensely. Is it necessary for you to star in such dreadful movies? I definitely look forward to you next film directed by the person who directed your first movie.


    This one's the film I really look forward to. After all, it's based on a real-life incident. Domestic violence is a thing which Indian women suffer from all over the world enduringly. If this film becomes a platform for creating awareness against the brutality inside the walls, it's very much welcome. Sometimes, the premise of a story is so strong that it overpowers all its flaws. I think, PROVOKED is one such film. But wait for Monday, you are going to see national party-workers (oops! I'm sorry! they should be called the carriers of Indian legacy, na!) burning posters (and theatres too!). They are gonna say, "This film is anti-Indian Culture. After all the duty of an Indian woman is to endure whatever her husband does." This one's box-office fate (it's already declared a flop) surely indicates that.

By the way I'll be coming up with reviews of only PROVOKED. Do let me know what do you think about these films irrespective of my opinions.

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