Monday, April 9, 2007

Spl.: TA RA RUM PUM Character Sketch - Saif Ali Khan

Hi. I'm RV. The best race car driver in the world! Sounds nice to be able to finally say that, especially since I've wanted to be one, ever since I was a little boy, racing model cars around my room. Racing has always been my dream, and after Mom & Dad died, I worked even harder towards that goal. Since I never really had much interest in studies, I dropped out of college & started working in the pitcrew of a racing team: the only way I could be near race cars! My life seemed to be going smoothly along this loveless still-nowhere-near-driving-a-race-car track, until one momentous cab ride later, everything changed.

That's when I met Harry (my future manager) and Radhika (my future wife), all in the space of 5 minutes. One crazy trip later, I was the new race car driver for 'Speeding Saddles'; and a couple of chance encounters (and my first win in a race) later, I was in love: with the most beautiful & intelligent & talented & creative & …… (you get the picture…) woman who ever came out of West Bengal to live in New York. A music student & a racer don't somehow seem like the best of matches, but sometimes the cliché works. Opposites do attract and we were quite possibly the happiest couple in Manhattan.

And that's how Rajveer Singh the pit-crew tyre changer became RV the racer. I was a man with a new job that I had been dreaming about my entire life, a love that I kept dreaming about and everything that I could have asked for.

And then my kids arrived on the scene. Princess and Champ - the two people who suddenly gave my life a new meaning. I didn't think I could be happier, but I was! My career took off much like my car when the starter flag goes down, and my family was the backbone that kept me going. Seeing them cheer me on at every race that I won was what made the dream even more beautiful in its reality.
Until that fateful accident…

That one day changed things forever. I was forced to give up my dream career and my dream life. Everything came crashing down to a very painful and a very changed reality. A reality which involved giving up the wild and racy lifestyle that I had always followed.

I tried to make it back… but it was never the same. But now, I have no choice. Something has happened and I need to win. But I don't know what will happen. Will I be able to overcome my fears on the racetrack? Will I be able to save my family? Will I once again become the best father, the best husband and the best racer that I have always been for my wife and kids?

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