Wednesday, September 5, 2007

CHAK DE! INDIA Screenplay invited to Oscar Library

The people who are loving Yash Raj Films' last release Chak De! India have surely got another reason to cheer. I know, for sure, that you have read this news everywhere before. But I still take pride in typing up this great news. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (the official name of the Oscar organisers) has requested Yashraj Films to send a copy of the screenplay of Chak De India. Chak De India won tremendous acclaim from the critics and masses alike. It's become a huge hit in the Indian market. So much so, that, it was hard for me to catch Chak De India at a leading multiplex here in Kolkata on last Saturday. It was going full-house in its 4th week at the box office! Monday evening show saw 90% occupancy. If this ain't a blockbuster, then what is?

The scripts in the collection reside at the Margaret Herrick Library and are made accessible for research purposes only; students, filmmakers, writers and actors are among the regular patrons. Screenplays may only be viewed in the library; they do not circulate. Also, no screenplay is allowed to be photocopied.

Chak De surely deserved this one. There's been very few screenplays (by an awesome Jaideep Sahni) as great in recent times. It's a simple and straightforward narrative yet it's multidimensional. The pace is relentless. But I'll discuss more of that in my review. It needs a good amount of discussion. And SRK! I just can't stop praising this man. More on that later.

I also wish that it gets selected as the official Oscar entry this year. There's none such a film. this year. I'll have a different article on the Oscar race this year.

Wait for the review! Meanwhile, I'll come up with the external reviews and acclaim for Chak De! India.

Till then, just Chak De!

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Anonymous said...

srk has got nothing to do wth the suxess... even ajay devgan, irfaan, aamir wud hv done gr8 job.
it ws a gr8 script, direction that made the magic.
srk is lucky, thatz alll