Sunday, August 12, 2007

CHAK DE INDIA Teaser: Girls vs Boys

Well, it's evident that everyone is loving Chak De India. From YRF haters to SRK haters to critics have declared love for this film. Everyone's raving about Shah Rukh Khan. This film has rocked everyone! Okay? This isn't the topic of discussion of this post I'll post a review and CDI topics soon. Let's come to the teaser.

This is a teaser where the girls of Shahrukh Khan are going to play against a bunch of 16 boys. SRK is giving them his advice. This is a clip from the film and is very humourous. SRK tells them mischievously, "Don't think you are gonna play with these 16 boys, you are playing the game against each one of the fools who has forgotten that, if women can give birth to them, they can do anything." Rocking! Ain't it? You'll enjoy the teaser irrespective of the teaser. The humourous mood sets it up. SRK cheers his girls and indeed takes serious care of one of his team by pressing her legs! SRK throws a million-dollar smile afterwards and the girls are enthused!

See it! I'll post and review the theatrical trailer soon. Post comments!

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