Monday, October 15, 2007

AAJA NACHLE Theatrical Trailer (Madhuri Dixit!!)

It's pretty much a record by now. First I gave you the wallpaper, then the first theatrical teaser, then the music listings. It's the turn for the first theatrical trailer now. Of course, we are talking about Madhuri Dixit's less-hyped comeback film AAJA NACHLE.

This is a Yash Raj movie. If this is irking you a bit, this movie has been written by Shahrukh Khan's Chak De! India writer Jaideep Sahni. The lyrics are by Sahni and Piyush Mishra. Music by Salim-Sulaiman. Director is Anil Mehta. Okay, no more crew listing. Straight to the promo.

The promo kicks off with a nostalgic narration by Madhuri. It shows us an almost-destroyed open-air theater. Gradually we are informed that this is Ajanta theater located at Madhuri's hometown. It's the place, we know, that nurtured Madhuri. It taught her dance, it taught her songs. 'Twas the place when there were all friends of Madhuri. Meanwhile we see some supposedly old-day shots with a beautiful Madhuri dancing and laughing. It's the place that gave her the life to live. Cut to present, the people there are doing nothing but ruining the heritage of Ajanta. But, now, supposedly U.S.-returned Madhuri won't let that happen. Clap!

Then enters the central theme of the film. We see Mads dancing practically everywhere in her town with almost everyone. She is trying to infuse laughter and entertainment into the dark, gloomy, morbid lives of people there. She is trying to make them happy. But the conservatives don't want a change. A puritan Kunal Kapoor threatens Madhuri that he won't let it happen a la song-n-dance culture of America to be brought in the small town. There is a hesitant like Konkona Sensharma since she has never ever danced in her life. There are aspirants like Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey who will do anything to be a part of the cultural program.

Meanwhile, some impressive shots of Madhuri dancing in the town with kids and adults plays out with the breezy track Show Me Your Jalwa in the background.

In the final minute of this 150-second trailer we see Madhuri challenging a head-honcho of the town that she will make everyone in the town dance. Claps again! Then we hear the title song in background with some shots of rehearsals, wars, burning cars, fighting people, sad faces and of course, some people destroying theatre sets-- everything captured beautifully by DoP Mohanan (Don '06) .

Whoa! A load of promise there. Firstly, a MADHURI film. Then, thankfully and courageously, no lead opposite male actor. Plus, perhaps, a compelling story. It makes a lot of self-reference. Perhaps for the first time in a mainstream Bollywood film we see a background of theatre, play and opera. Not many films are out there which are about song and dance with the help of it. A promising cast out there. The small towns are largely ignored in Bollywood. It's probably the first film we see where the topic of moral 'regulation' of arts and culture has been touched.

And there's one smile to mesmerise the entire nation. SHE is back.

I wager this film will rock for me if for none else. 11/30/2007, where art thou?

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