Monday, July 30, 2007


Well guys, I am back! With a bang! As I promised, I would come before this time I am doing so.

I am back here with a new dialogue promo of CHAK DE INDIA. It's basically a speech by Shahrukh Khan to his team. The dialgoues, written by one of my fav, Jaideep Sahni is brilliant! And so is SRK's rendition of the lines given to.

Given a chance, I'll post the plot synopsis and character sketch of SRK and the girls in a while. If you have already known that, you know that the girls are going through many hurdles for their entry in the hockey team. More on that letter

The track SATTAR MINUTE from the soundtrack is the feauture of this promo. At first, the preparation of a hockey match is shown and then the poignant voice of Shah Rukh Khan "70 minutes! You have only 70 minutes!" Then SRK gives an (awe)-inspiring speech to his girls. Various shots of the perils of the girls in the field is then shown. The clip ends with India scoring a goal!

Bad description, right? So you better watch it yourself and feel the magic.

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